History Lessons on Local Brewing In Cincinnati

It’s one thing to read about the history of a beer on the back of a bottle, but it’s another experience to attend local brewery tours. To give Cincinnati, OH, visitors and local foodies the opportunity to explore the origins of beer, Cincy Brew Bus takes tourists on fascinating trips through the city, where they can see the…

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7 Do’s and Dont’s for a Fun, Safe Beer Tour

For a unique adventure and some good, clean adult fun, consider a beer tour of local breweries in Cincinnati, OH. On the Cincy Brew Bus you can relax, chat with friends, and enjoy a three- to five-hour excursion as a knowledgeable tour guide provides local history, tasting tips, and a behind-the-scenes look at the beverage business. If this…

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Spectacular Start for Rivertown Monroe

By: Mike Stokes Tour Guide, Beer Lover In the many years of supporting local Cincinnati Beer I have come to appreciate more than what is in my glass. I love the story, the sacrifice, looking under the curtain of what happens on a day to day basis. During my time here I have…

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This St. Patrick’s Day, Thank Your Local Bar for Improving Your Health

By: Jane Moore   This St. Patrick’s Day, there are a lot of reasons to be thankful for your local watering holes. First off, they provide your community with an invaluable service – a place for everyone to meet with a common goal. No matter what your specific reason is for wanting a cold…

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