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Celebrate Independence With Cincy Brew Bus


In 1978 Jimmy Carter passed a Bill to allow for Homebrewing in the United States. This shifted the landscape for those interested in making and drinking real beer with real flavor.

This sparked a revolution and today we are seeing its manifestation.

In 1978 there were only 40 breweries that were left in the United States that were owned by U.S. companies. 40. At our peak before prohibition we had nearly 4,000!

Fast forward to 2018 where we are nearly at 7,000 breweries across the United States. The Greater Cincinnati Area now has 50 of their own.

ABInbev and Miller Coors are no longer American companies. However they want you to believe that they are by buying craft beer companies and selling them under the label or category of “craft”.


American Craft Breweries are now adopting the “Independent” label and putting it on cans and packaging in the marketplace. If you see an upside down bottle of beer that means its independently produced by an American Craft Brewer.

Brewers Association Launches Independent Label

Here at Cincy Brew Bus we celebrate those Independent American Owned Breweries on our tours. Places like Rhinegeist, MadTree, Taft’s, Braxton and the 30_who have embraced the American Spirit of hard work, quality products and innovation.

Join us this week as we celebrate the independence of our great nation with fresh independently owned local beer, friends and freedom!


Book these on our website at:  or

🍻Tuesday 7pm- Taft’s Ale House, Rhinegeist and Braxton Brewing Company (meet at Jack Casino Rock Bar)

🍻🎆🎉Wednesday- HAPPY JULY 4th!! 🎆- 2pm MadTree Brewing, Braxton and Brink Brewing Co  (Jack Casino Rock Bar)

🍻Thursday- 2pm- Listermann Brewing Company, Taft’s Brewing Company – Brewpourium & Apizza 🍕and Rhinegeist 👽 (Jack Casino)

🍻Friday- 7pm- Brink Brewing Co, Braxton and Rhinegeist (Jack Casino Rock Bar)

🍻 Saturday- 11:45am- Cincy Original- March First Brewing, Fretboard Brewing, The Queen City Brewery of Cincinnati, and Taft’s Brewing Company – Brewpourium & Apizza

🍻🚋1pm- Streetcar Tasting Tour- Taft’s Ale House, Rhinegeist, and Moerlein Lager House

Sunday Funday- 2pm- 1 seat Left!- MadTree Brewing, Rhinegeist and Taft Brewporium 🍻


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