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Cincinnati Craft Brewery 3-Stop Hop!

Quick Details

Drinking Adult Ages 21+
Drinking Adult Fri and Sat Ages 21+
Non-Drinker Ages 21+ to ride

Join us for the Cincinnati Brewery Renaissance!

This is a three-brewery tour and tasting experience. prizes, and of course, fun! You will get plenty of beer (3 different styles at each location at about 5-8oz each sample!), a giant pretzel, a souvenir glass and education on how Cincinnati got to this point, dating all the way back to 1812.

**YOU ARE ALLOWED TO DRINK WHILE RIDING ON THE BREW BUS DURING THIS TOUR. See product-specific details while booking and make sure to read carefully through your waiver form. Seltzer, Beer, Wine and Cider are ok to bring, just leave any hard liquor or booze at home.

Make sure to hydrate and eat something prior to our Cincinnati beer tour. We will have water on the bus for you.

  • IDs taken at the door, you do not need your ticket!
  • Walkups welcome (Booking in advance is HIGHLY recommend, we sell out often)
  • Gratuity is very much appreciated!
  • 10% off Hyatt Regency Cincinnati based on availability (get code after you book)
  • Typically meets out in front of the Hard Rock (Formerly Jack) Casino Near the Guitar

Take a ride on the Cincinnati Brew Bus today!