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Summer Time Cincy Brew Bus Shines!

This Summer is going to be AMAZING! We have more breweries in different parts of the city than ever before in our history. We maxed out at about 38 breweries prior to prohibition and now we are over 50 local stops. Our bookings have been off the charts for Summer this year and we are super excited.

This gives us a unique opportunity on the Cincy Brew Bus to take you to the locations you want to see but haven’t had a chance to. With our three or four stop brewery tour you can explore regions like Blue Ash with Fretboard, March First, The Queen City Brewery of Cincinnati and Narrow Path.

Or how about FigLeaf, Grainworks, 16Lots and DogBerry? Swine City, Municipal and Quarter Barrel? Taft’s Brewporium, Brink, Westside Brewing and Urban Artifact (with Humble Monk coming soon).

Regions like the Eastside with Mt. Carmel, Fifty West, Bad Tom, and Little Miami (May 5th Original Tour Lineup) are all boasting great beers and really inviting spots.

A couple weeks ago we did the “Kentucky Coastline Tour” hitting up Wooden Cask, Bircus, Braxton Labs and Darkness all along the Ohio River in Northern Kentucky. We cannot wait to start heading out to Alexandria Brewing Company who opened this weekend!

Each week we take our Original Tour out to the four local stops on an air conditioned bus where you can sit back and relax, enjoy the tour guides talking about local brewing  history and soak up Cincinnati. Then on Saturday Night we do a three stop adventure.

If you want to design your own tour, that is our specialty. Whatever the occasion, whatever your headcount we can help. We have had small groups of six to eight and large ones of thirty to one-hundred-and-twenty.

It is a ton of fun, but don’t take our word for it, check out what these folks had to say about our Craft Brewery, Winery, Distillery and other Tasting Adventures they went on: TRIPADVISOR.COM/CINCYBREWBUS


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