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Holiday Gift Cards On Sale Now- Cincy Brew Bucks are Back Baby!


Here at Cincy Brew Bus, craft brewery, winery and distillery tours and tastings we have the absolutely PERFECT idea for you this Gift Season.

Our “Cincy Brew Bucks” Holiday Gift Program is one of the coolest ways to provide something special and unique for your family, friends and loved ones.

It’s simple, you go out and pick the dollar increment that you want to gift to that Beer, Wine or Bourbon lover in your life, and then you are instantly given the codes for them to redeem on the tour they want to go on, when they want to go on it.

No messy traffic, no long lines to check out, no Holiday Shopping madness. Quick, easy, simple and according to multiple studies people want gifts that provide an experience much like this one.

Tours include: Underground Tunnel Tours and craft brewery tastings, Brewery Tour Adventures, Streetcar Beer Tours, Food Pairing Tours behind the scenes VIP access, craft beer knowledge, local history, pretzels, souvenirs and of course more fun than anyone should be allowed to have!

Concerned about after the tour is over? No problem, book our tour and get 15% off your room at the Hyatt downtown, and get $15 off your First ride with UBER.

Your special someone will thank you for being so thoughtful and appreciate the memories you will provide them when they decide to do their tours. Maybe you will even get an invite!

Happy Holiday Season from Cincy Brew Bus!