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Donut Trail Experience takes us on a whole new adventure!

tray of donuts

We have been focused on providing fun and educational tours and tastings in the Cincinnati area for the past five years. In 2013 we launched Cincy Brew Bus, 2015 Cincy Wine Wagon, Cincy Bourbon Bus, and Louisville Brew Bus. What we found out through these past five years and tasting various things is that people love to experience, and people love to come together over a common cause, a unified direction of tasting bliss, regardless of the discipline (however I don’t believe a “sardine” tour would do real well).

As any small business we are always looking at what is next, how can we continue to grow, but also how can we continue to stay relevant in an incredibly competitive experiential marketplace. As a group of tasting nerds, we just want to taste quality things all the time, we want to experience all the worlds offerings and let our palates sort it out.

We decided to take our first step into the culinary marketplace with our Pizza and Beer pairing tour last November. It has gone really well and people enjoy it, I mean its truly hard to screw up Pizza and Beer but we wanted to make it a great experience and pair different beers with different flavors of pizza, again we got nerdy as per usual.

Then we were approached by the folks at the Butler County Visitors Bureau about partnering for a Donut Tasting Experience. Donuts are far from what we ever would have thought we would have gotten into at this stage of our business but it hits all of the key components to making a great tour. 1. It is exclusive and the experience is only available through us, you cannot do this tour on your own. 2. The businesses we are going to be taking people are family owned and operated, and have an excellent reputation in the community 3. The tastings are delicious. 4. We can add Donut Trivia, history and education to create the very best experience possible. 5. We can do the tour in 3 to 4 hours and give people the rest of their day back 6. Donuts are amazing!

Learn More About the Donut Trail HERE

Working with Kelly’s Baker in Hamilton, Jupiter Donuts and Coffee in Fairfield, Holtman’s Donuts in West Chester and Stan The Donut Man in West Chester has been incredible since we launched the tour back in the beginning of February. They provide background on their small Donut business and engage with our guests on the process, what makes them unique and how they make their donuts stand out. You get to eat some warm donuts, go behind the scenes and even fill your own donut at Kelly’s in Hamilton, which is incredible!

Butler County Donut Trail Ads New Features This Year

We are excited, especially after today’s article from Ohio Magazine highlighting different Butler County Activities including ours.

We run the tours every Friday and Sunday at 9am and they last about three to three and a half hours from start to finish. We meet at Holtkamp’s in West Chester and drop folks off there when the tour is completed.

So come out and celebrate local Donuts with us on the Brew Bus!

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