Kentucky Bourbon Adventure

Jim Beam, Evan Williams, Woodford, Wild Turkey, Angel's Envy, Four Roses-And MORE

Private Tour Request

95% of the Bourbon in America comes from Kentucky and we want to take you there to the heart of it. We are simply to close to the heart of

We are simply to close to the heart of it all to pass it up. This tour plans on going down from Cincinnati to the distilleries and back in one day. We do have overnight packages available upon request.

The Tour will have three stops, we have two basic routes to choose from:

  1. Wild Turkey, Four Roses and Woodford Reserve OR Buffalo Trace
  2. Evan Williams Experience, Angel’s Envy, Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse

If you would like another route you can let us know. Pricing may vary.

Each experience will come with tastings, tours, lunch at a local restaurant, waters, transportation and fun! We can offer these Tours Monday-Sunday except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Easter and Independence Day.

Pricing depends on how many people, what date and what time you are looking to go. Fill out this booking page or email us at [email protected] for more information or call 513-258-7909 on this amazing trip to Bourbon Country!

We also offer Charter Service if your event is already planned