Tell me More about your Tour! FAQ's and Answers

  1. We have worked hard over the past four years to take the stress out of booking and planning tours. Here are the basics:
    1. You pay for you and your group online or by calling us (513-258-7909, 844-Beer-Fun)
    2. You arrive for your tour (hopefully hydrated and fed) at either The Rock Bar at Jack’s Casino or The Growler House Bar, For Wine we meet at Maggiano’s Kenwood, and for Bourbon we meet at New Riff Bellevue
    3. We check you in, we load the bus
    4. On the Bus we narrate some fun Cincinnati Facts and Traditions
    5. We go into the breweries where you will receive 16 ounces of beer at each location. Wine Wagon you get between 4-8 pours of wine at each location. Bourbon Bus Tasting is 2 Distillery tours and tastings and 2 Bourbon Bar tastings with $5.00 credits. Distillery Tour Only is 3 Distillery stops and tours with tastings. 
    6. We will go behind the scenes at the brewery, winery or distillery as long as they are not doing something back there that can get any of you injured
    7. We will repeat this process either 3 or 4 times depending on the tour you select (check the description)
    8. We will then drop you off at your pickup location 
    9. Please use your best judgement and don’t drink and drive if you have been drinking UBER it or use our Hotel code we provide.

    We meet right inside Rock Bar at the Jack Casino, Inside at the Bar at The Growler House, Inside New Riff Distillery for Bourbon Bus, inside Maggiano’s Kenwood and also at the Jack Casino Rock Bar (see details on booking) for Wine Wagon, and outside Moerlein Malt House for our Brewery District+Tasting Tours.

    We do private and public parties, company outings Monday through Sunday for our tours depending on availability of our partners.

    Private Parties can select which locations they want to go to from the list of breweries we will provide you when you email us in. 

    Once we get everyone on the bus we will go to each brewery, winery or distillery/tasting bar and spend about 50 minutes sampling their goods, touring and learning about what makes them special. 

    The trip takes 3-3.5 Hours for a 3 brewery, distillery tour, and 4.5-5 hrs for a 4 brewery or winery tour. 


    Prices are as follows includes Samples of beer, around 3-4 samples at each brewery, or a Pint. (16ounces)

    Private tours from 8 people to 250 people are available (if you have less please call 513-258-7909).

    Weekday or weekend. Private Tours pick their own breweries. 

    We also have trivia, prizes, history, and Giant Pretzel from Servatii’s (Servatii Pretzel is Brewery Tour only)

    Our private tours are completely ala-carte and you design the experience you wish for you and your group to have (pricing may vary Please do not go off of the pricing below to determine your private tour price because it could be more or less depending on what your group wants). 

    15% off your Room at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Cincinnati for Booking with Cincy Brew Bus (based on availability)

    $15 off your FIRST ride on UBER as seen below for booking with us

    Come out and see the Cincinnati Beer Renaissance with the top rated Brewery tasting tour in the City.

    Prices represent a “PER PERSON” pricing model, this is for our PUBLIC Tours


    Please direct all Tips toward your tour guide for all tours.  They will split the tips with the bus driver accordingly. 

    We will bring a cooler filled with water for you.

    You cannot take your beer back through the Jack Casino but you can have someone pick you up at the outside drop off spot to get it. 

    YES ID’s are Taken at the Door and you have to be 21 years or older to ride on the tour, no exceptions…ever. 

    Walkup’s are Welcome but try and book online first, we sell out frequently. 

    REFUND POLICY for Public Tours:

    Refunds will be given at full price if notified 4 days prior to the event. For example if you tell us on Tuesday by 12pm that you cannot make Saturday’s tour we will refund your ticket. Any notification sooner than 4 days (Tuesday up to Friday at 12pm) up to 24 hours remaining before the tour can change the date of the tour to any viable date on our calendar (see online schedule). If we are not notified within 24 hours (12pm on Friday) there will be no refund given. Any weather related issues resulting in cancellation will result in a Voucher for a future date. 

    Refund Policy for Private Tours:

    Deposit refunds will be given if your tour is cancelled within three weeks of your event. Any notification of cancellation within that time frame will result in a forfeiture of the deposit held on the credit card taken at the time of deposit. 


    Gift Certificates are good for two calendar years after purchase date. You will receive a special voucher code when you buy the gift card that will be used to schedule the date of your tour. It is important you reserve your seats prior to showing up on the tour because we sell out frequently. Gift Cards are good for all of our Public Tours. No gift certificate can be redeemed for any private party or special Cincy Brew Bus function. 


    Common Questions and Answers

    1. Where do we meet? The Jack Casino, 1000 Broadway, Cincinnati, OH 45202 or The Growler House, 1526 Madison Rd, East Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, OH 45206, Maggiano’s Kenwood, and Moerlein Malt House (1620 Moore) (Private Parties YES we can meet you at your location and the price depends on where that is)
    2. Can We Bring Beer on the Bus?-Check your product description to see if it is allowed, some are, some are not based on our anticipated head count. Typically any tour 14 passengers or less will allow it, any tour 15 or more will not. Check the description. Absolutely NEVER ANY MACRO BEER PRODUCTS. 
    3. Can we Bring Food on the Bus?-Check the description of the particular tour you are looking for. Remember you are getting a Servatii Pretzel and some of the stops will have food for you to purchase. 
    4. Can we Bring Coolers on the Bus?-Only if the tour allows drinking on the bus, if it does not, then no. 
    5. Do you do tours EVERY DAY of the week? Yes we do! Monday-Sunday tour times start anytime between 11am to 8pm. If you don’t see one listed, give us a call 513-258-7909
    6. What does it come with? 16oz of beer at each stop (3 different styles of beer, 5-6oz each pour) Servatii Pretzel for a palette cleanser, waters and a tour guide you can call your own for the day/evening/morning.  Warning, it may also come with a new friend or five. Wine is 4-8 samples at each spot, Bourbon varies upon location, see product for more details.
    7. How long is it? 3-5 hours depending on the tour
    8. Are we supposed to tip the Tour guide? What about the Driver? -Yes, it is customary to tip your guide, the guides are heavily reliant on your gratuity so we certainly appreciate it if you feel like they did a good job for you and your group, we ask that you direct all tips toward the guide and then they will split accordingly with the driver. Think of them as your server at a restaurant only waaaaay cooler. 
    9. Is there food on the tour and is part of the Price. Yes, there is food on the tour at the different breweries, but it is not part of your tour price. We do provide a Soft Pretzel from Servatii (famous local baker) as part of your price for our brewery tours. We recommend you eat before AND plan to eat after, if you need food places, just ask us, most of us are Certified Tourism Ambassadors for the City of Cincinnati! 
    10. Can you pick us up where we live or work? Yes we can for our private tour options. Costs vary but it is very reasonable, it is typically less than an UBER, Cab or Lyft. 
    11. Can we pick our own breweries? Yes, on our Private Tours you will rank the breweries you wish to go to in order of preference and we will do our very best to get you out to your top picks. 
    12. Where does it end? Exactly the same place you were picked up unless we are notified differently. People are free to jump off the tour anytime just as long as they notify the tour guide and grab their stuff. 
    13. What is the Price? It ranges from $35.00 to $69.00 depending on the tour you want. Click onto each tour to find out how much. Group functions, corporate parties, and private events are priced by us here, if you want one of those just email or call us and we can get that process started with you. ([email protected]/513-258-7909)
    14. Is this a “Party Bus?”-No it is not.. It s a tour. Even on the Private Events we pride ourselves on providing an entertaining fun venue for folks to learn about Cincinnati Brewing History, Craft Beer, Proper Tasting Techniques, etc. We want everyone to have fun, but not at the expense of another guests experience and not at the sacrifice of our reputation with the local taprooms, wineries, bars or distilleries.  It still is a great time, but don’t take our word for it, just check out our reviews on Facebook and TripAdvisor. 
    15. What are the best breweries? We get this one ALL of the time and we truly love them all, that is why we hit the best ones in town, to let YOU decide! 
    16. How many people do we need to do a tour? 1 person can book alone for our public tours, for our private tours we are looking for a minimum of 6 on the weekdays and a minimum of 8 on the weekends (you can have as little as you want on the bus, but you pay for 8 drinkers) and a maximum of 250 (if you have less just give us a call and we will do our best to find one).
    17. What is the refund policy? If you let us know 4 days up to 48 hours notice on any public tour we will refund your ticket 48-24 hours we will allow you to move to another date. If you don’t let us know within 24 hours, the ticket is non-refundable.  Private tour deposit is refundable three weeks in advance for the weekend and weekday reservations.
    18. What happens if the weather is too bad? Weather cancellations will be given a rain check/voucher for another date of their choice.  For private functions we hold your deposit until you decide on another date.
    19. How do I secure a Private Party? Call us at 513-258-7909, or 1-844-Beer-Fun (233-7386) Private Tours are first come first serve, we hold the date with a deposit taken via credit card, we do not hold the date with an email or a conversation.  
    20. Do you offer other types of tours? Sure do! Check out our Winery and Bourbon Tours, look for some other types of tours real soon. 
    21. Are you in any other cities? Yes! We are in Louisville, Kentucky so if you are ever down there and are looking for another historical, fun tasting tour give us a shout at 502-269-8914 
    22. What is the deal with the Hotel? We offer a 15% off code to the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati. This code may not be always be available for use. Go online with the code and book.