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Barbecue Tour Launches in Cincinnati Ohio!

Don’t look now but Cincinnati is cooking up some delicious, award winning BBQ (Barbecue, Barbeque) and we want to take you to a few of the locations providing some of the greatest flavors in the area.  We check out Eli’s BBQ, Just Q’in, and Lucius Q and all three provide some excellent flavors of different kinds of BBQ. At Eli’s we sample pulled pork, at Just Q’in we sample brisket and at Lucius we have a rib and some smoked sausage, all three provide delicious home-style sides as well.

We are really excited to continue to provide tasting adventures in and around Cincinnati Ohio! This is our newest tour and with it we now have three different food tours to showcase, Pizza and Beer, Donuts on the Donut Trail, and true to form Barbecue. This BBQ tour takes about 3-3.5 hours to complete and you get to see and hear the experts talk about BBQ and share their passion for local, small business as well.

Barbecue has an amazing history and we aim to celebrate it with you and all of the flavors these Pitmasters are creating. Join us and book today!

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