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7 Do’s and Dont’s for a Fun, Safe Beer Tour


For a unique adventure and some good, clean adult fun, consider a beer tour of local breweries in Cincinnati, OH. On the Cincy Brew Bus you can relax, chat with friends, and enjoy a three- to five-hour excursion as a knowledgeable tour guide provides local history, tasting tips, and a behind-the-scenes look at the beverage business. If this sounds like a blast to you, their team lists some suggestions below to ensure your experience goes off without a hitch.

The Dos & Don’ts of Beer Tours

DO Try Samples

Beer toursOrder a flight of beers and taste a variety of options before settling in with a pint. Many breweries sell a sampler selection to let you experience multiple flavors. Others simply give out free tastings of options that interest you. In any event, keep your mind open and be adventurous to get the most out of your beer tour. We will provide you with several samples along your journey as a part of your price of admission.

DON’T Assume They Serve Food

Some small breweries do not provide food along with their beer, although some partner with food trucks or will allow patrons to order out or bring their own treats. However, others may frown on this practice—call ahead to verify what your options are. Our tour guides are also good resources for information on which locations serve food. If you are hungry then make sure to order the food early in the stop.

DO Ask Questions

Nearly everyone working on a tasting tour—from bartenders to master brewers—are happy to field questions from patrons. Feel free to ask about the brewing process, ingredients, flavorings, and anything else that peaks your curiosity. We pride ourselves on our beer, history and tasting knowledge..ask away.

DON’T Drink Too Much

In the interest of safety and out of respect for other beer tour bus passengers, drink only in moderation and behave responsibly. We are going to have a great time but not at the expense of another participants experience, folks at the breweries relaxing with a beer or our relationship with our brewery partners.

DO Purchase a Souvenir

Buy a souvenir to remember your trip. Take home a six-pack of your favorite new beer, or opt for a T-shirt so you can represent a stop on the tour. Either way, you’ll have something to commemorate the experience. Remember you DO get to keep your taster glass from the trip but let us know what else would help you remember your journey (T-shirts can be purchased at booking online as well).

DO Dress Comfortably

We are going to be walking, riding, and relaxing on your trip so its important you dress the part. If you want to look fancy that is fine too, just remember if you want to see the behind the scenes part of the breweries they recommend close toed shoes. If you don’t care about going behind the scenes then no worries, dress how you like. This is a fun and relaxing trip so dress how you would like to.

DON’T Drive While Intoxicated

Make transportation arrangements if you plan to drink. Whether you designate a driver, bring cab fare, or schedule a ride with Uber or Lyft, you have many options to stay safe after disembarking from the beer tour bus.

When you mind these tips, the Cincy Brew Bus, serving Cincinnati, OH, and Northern Kentucky, is a lively, responsible way to enjoy adult beverages, make new friends, and learn more about beer and spirits. Visit our website to view contact details, or call (513) 258-7909 to book a tour.

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